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Daddy updated my pictures on:

September 14, 2007!

Click on my picture above to see all my pictures with my sister Addyson!!!

This is the personal website of Berlyn High, who is the beautiful daughter of Dave and Leta High who live in Las Vegas.

Daddy decided to combine the two sites so that updates are easier.

This site will be updated with new pictures as often as my daddy has time since he is usually chasing me around keeping me and my little sister from getting into everything!

Daddy set up this site so that my family and friends can keep tabs on me!

Berlyn's Blog:

September 14, 2007 - It has been a long time since daddy updated my site. I have lots to tell you! I am using the big-girl potty now and I go to school four times a week. I still don't talk much but I can say a ton of words when I want to. I am learning to use my "Big Girl Voice" so that people can hear me when I do decide I have something to say. Guess what? I KNOW HOW TO SWIM!!! Daddy and Papa Rex have taught me this summer and I can swim like a fishy without my Water Wings! It is so much fun. I dive under the water to get things off the bottom of the pool, I can jump off the rocks and make a big SPLASH and I can swim across the pool to daddy or Papa Rex! I am in the pool almost every day! My baby sister Addy gets in with us but she still has to wear Wings. When she is bigger, I will help daddy and papa Rex teach her how to swim as good as me.


July 29, 2006 - I am now over two years old and I dont mind letting the world know it by throwing temper tantrums when I dont get everything I want. Since I am not really talking yet, I get to throw temper tantrums a LOT cuz mommy and daddy have no idea what I want. I just keep screaming until they find something to give me that entertains me!

I am still growing but I havent been to see my friend Doctor Nishihara in a while so I dont know how big I am.

Oh, did you know I have a new baby sister? She is really cute but she cries a lot at night. Mommy and Daddy tell me that I used to cry like that but I dont believe them. I like to play with her but sometimes I am too rough. Sometimes I dont it that she gets to play with all my old toys that mommy and daddy hid from me, but since I am bigger I can just take them away!

I learned to swim in the pool with my water wings and I love playing in the pool almost every day. Sometimes PaPa comes over and takes me in the pool and sometimes daddy takes me. I like to throw the ball for my doggie Lexus so she jumps in too. She smells like wet dog when she gets out which is pretty gross.

I am having a wonderful summer. Thank you for looking at my pictures!

November 25, 2005 - Lots of wonderful things have happened to me lately. I am growing like crazy and weigh almost 24 pounds. I am also over 33" tall! I keep outgrowing my shoes so mommy and daddy have to take me shopping. I am now tall enough to see all the wonderful things daddy keeps on his desk so I constantly take things cuz I am sure daddy would want me to have them. We just got finished with Thanksgiving. I got to spend it with Gramma Luz and Grampa Rex and Gramma Linda and Grampa Ken and my aunt Joni and cousin Paul from Utah. It was so much fun, but halfway through dinner I got sleepy and had to go take a nap. There was still plenty of pie when I woke up tho'.

I am still not talking but it is because I dont have anything to say and mommy and daddy understand everything I want them to understand so why bother. Talking is too much effort. It is easier to point and grunt!

My kitty, "Mocha" ran away. I miss her. She was a nice kitty. I still have Norman and Lexus to play with but Mocha was my favorite. Maybe she will come home some day.

Mommy looks like she is hiding my basketball under her shirt but she says she has my baby sister in her tummy and that I will get to see her and play with her after February 22, 2006. I dont know if I want a baby sister, but I guess if Mocha isnt going to come home then a baby sister would be okay. I think I will like being a big sister so I can teach my baby sister all the things I already know, like how to crawl and talk and things.

May 20, 2005 - It has been six months since the site was updated. Daddy has been really busy with work, plus I started walking the end of February so mommy and daddy spend an awful lot of time running after me. I was having some problems with my eyes and my left eye was getting really bad and it was like I was trying to look at my nose all the time. My doctor put me in glasses to try and make it better but it didn't help much. I really hated wearing the glasses and mommy had to chase me around and put mittens on my hands to keep them on me, but that didn't work very well. Then the doctor told my mommy to put a patch on my right eye to make my left eye work better, but I hated wearing the patch so I pulled it off as soon as mommy turned her back. Finally, on April 11th, my doctor put me asleep and fixed my eye. I can see really good now, but my eyes are kind of bloodshot. I am still pretty so it is okay! Everyone feels sorry for me so I get loads of hugs.

Daddy has updated my pictures so all my family and friends can see how much I have grown. I am up to 31" tall and weigh just a bit over 20 pounds. I am really tall and very skinny for my age. I try to eat, but most times I just enjoy feeding my dinner to Lexus. She loves hot dogs as much as I do!

November 21, 2004 - I started crawling about 6 weeks ago and have found pretty much all the things that mommy and daddy don't want me to play with. My favorites include power cords, the fireplace and the potted plants in the house. Wild horses can't keep me away from them. I move FAST too so mommy and daddy have to chase me on a regular basis. It is a great game and it makes me giggle. When mommy sets me down in the middle of the floor, and turns her back for two seconds, I zip down the hall or into the kitchen to eat my favorite food that I sometimes share with Lexus. It comes in a big bag from Pet Smart and my kitties like it too. I am also pulling myself up on pretty much everything I can find because I am tired of being so little and all the cool stuff in the house is up on tables and above the floor. Crawling is so boring but I am testing my balance and I should be walking soon. I babble all the time in my own language that mommy and daddy don't understand so when I want something I usually just start to cry and if that doesn't work, I SCREAM at the top of my lungs and THEN I get what I want. I have mommy and daddy trained VERY well. I am about 28" inches tall and I weigh nearly 18 pounds according to my favorite doctor.

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